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Crushed Rock Products

Polaris is currently advancing the development of its Black Bear Project, which is a large basalt deposit located adjacent to our sand at gravel resources near Port McNeill on northern Vancouver Island. In the coming years, this creates the opportunity to offer a number of crushed rock products for sale. Potential product offerings will include the following:

  • 8" coastal shore revetment / road fill
  • small and large gravel with a 100% fractured face count
  • manufactured sand

Preliminary materials testing is supportive of the use of this material in a number of applications. Summary test results are below:

Test Test
# of
Relevant Standard(1) Test
Absorption Mix design 15 0.77% +/- 0.37% n/a ASTM C127
LA Abrasion for
large coarse aggregates
Hardness 15 16.4% +/- 4.9% <50% ASTM C535
(500 Revs)
Film Stripping Asphalt
3(2) 0-10% <25% CT302
Relative Density Mix design 15 2.94 +/- 0.04 n/a ASTM C127
Sulphate Soundness
Durability 15 1.9% +/- 3.7% <15% ASTM C88
Point Load Strength 15 158 +/- 57 MPa n/a Deere and
Miller, 1966
Accelerated Mortar
Alkali Silica Reactivity 3(2) 0.05% <0.1% ASTM C1260
Potential Ratio
Acid Rock Drainage 15 22.3 >4 Price et al.,

(1) Standards for construction aggregate performance other than Neutralization Potential Ratio, which is relevant to evaluation of the deposit for potential risk of acid rock drainage.
(2) Testing performed on composites of holes 02-16, 04-16 and 05-16.