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Product Overview

Polaris currently produces high quality concrete aggregates, including concrete sand, Type 7 gravel and Type 57 gravel, from its Orca Sand and Gravel Quarry. We also produce a fine natural sand which can be used for beach nourishment or to improve manufactured sand for concrete use. We are currently in the process of permitting our Black Bear Quarry, which is expected to provide for a complete suite of crushed rock products available for sale, including coastal fill, manufactured sand, and a range of crushed gravel products in time.

Construction Aggregates Overview

Construction aggregates are granular materials sourced from either naturally occurring sand and gravel deposits or from a variety of quarried rock types including limestone, granite and volcanic rocks. Natural sand and gravel aggregates are typically preferred for the manufacture of concrete whereas crushed rock is predominantly used for asphalt, road construction and railroad ballast, although it is seeing increased use in concrete applications as irreplaceable sand and gravel reserves are exhausted.

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